LASER – single Allô la terre/Niamey


Digital version / single Allô la terre (1998) COD, Globe, Emi/Jat - Worldbeat / new edit 2016
Allô la Terre is like an initiatic voyage in time and space, from 
Europe to Africa, from the desert to the forest, from the Island of Goree to the Americas.
When you listen to Niamey and the griot Tai Sacko, you could speak of rap-ragga based on Sahelian recitative chant...until the irruption of violins flying off !
In his music, priority is given to aesthetics and to the power of rhythm, with classical and contemporary influences, with the sensuality of musics from the south, trance and essential melodies. He opposes them, and finds his inspiration in a spiritual and innovating process.
Laser appears suddenly as a fresh breath in the world of protest songs.

TuneCore review 2017
Wow, this one has a lively rhythm and active pace at the beginning. The vocalizations remind me of indigenous tribal singing. The off-beat is neat to hear featured (the emphasis on the 2 and 4 beat). Aha, francais, so I don't understand much of the lyrics, but they have a flow along with the music. I like the bass and percussion, and it sounds almost like a toy piano in the background, which is an interesting choice. The lead male vocal reminds me of Leonard Cohen's style, with lots of talking in rhythm and slightly whispered in spots. The backing vocals and harmonizing is pleasing and adds to this piece. It also sounds a little Eastern European in parts due to some of the instruments I thought I heard. I like that the vocalizing continues in the background. I can only imagine he is telling a story of a tribe that was perhaps, sadly, lost to our world.
Africa N°1 Libreville Gabon
Symbiose exquise de deux mondes, deux cultures. Avec LASER la musique est vraiment universelle.
CRTV Yaounde Cameroun 
Impressionnant métissage musical et linguistique à savourer de fond en comble. C'est vraiment un voyage, une promenade passionnante.
Radio Nationale du Burkina Ouagadougou 
For-mi-da-ble ! Niamey ? C'est le pied !
RTBF - La Première Liège Belgique 
De toute évidence, c'est une réussite ! c'est très plaisant à écouter. Belle synthèse.
Le studio Shanghai Chine 
Il a osé ! Extrait de la première danse hongroise de Brahms furtivement posé dans Niamey, on aime !

NAKA single Salvador

MAXI single NAKA

Naka Salvador premier succès d'Afrique lusophone en 1992 licences : Cobalt, Mango Island, EMI/Jat - sortie digitale 2016 par CMO
Naka - journal Libération par Hélène Lee
Le plus grand luxe pour une musique de danse, c'est qu'elle s'écoute - en plus. C'est le cas de l'album Salvador de Naka (Mango/Island). Asseyez-vous sur les rythmiques, laisser-les vous emporter comme un manège et dans l'ivresse du mouvement votre esprit se libère pour suivre les mélodies et les solos. Naka vient de Guinée Bissau un petit pays sur la côte d'Afrique de l'Ouest, ex-colonie portugaise, ce qui donne à certains de ses titres une teinte brésilienne ou salsa, comme dans la musique du Cap-Vert. Super danseur, Naka adore faire monter la sauce. Passons tout de suite à la vitesse de croisière avec mon titre préféré, "Sofer Latche" : turbo à 3 temps, guitares mandingues qui s'enroulent, spirale mélodique qui vous porte très haut, dans la plus parfaite ivresse rythmique. Vous risquez d'y prendre goût et de vouloir en rouler une autre, mais comme toutes les bonnes choses, celle-ci est à consommer modérement... et attention à la descente !
Naka - Billboard
Salvador - Producer Fred Laser - Mango/Island
From West African nation Guinea, singer/songwriter Ramiro Naka forges a catchy, danceable world pop style that reflect rhumba and flamenco influences - but from a decidedly African perspective. (In an album marked by kinetic rhythms and unconventional vocal harmonies, Naka's songs also bear the mark of calypso and other caribbean genres). Best of a rousing electric set include the title track, "Sofer Latche" and "Eya Oh", but especially the poignant guitar-scratchings of "Rabo di Padja" and the breathless irresistible "Sulu Demba".

Guy Lobé single + Album Dikalo


Album + single Dikalo - with Konkai Makossa/V.O - original recording 1998 - new mastering 2016 + bonus tracks
"Tu as laissé une merveille pour nous secouer comme au bon vieux temps, moi je danse là-dessus même quand j'ai pas envie". 

Stunning... This is what we call music not these crab nowadays... 
"kel perte can't stop listening to dis joint so sick"

Chouchou ma ebamba !
R.I.P tonton GUY 1965-2015
Bio Guy Lobé
Guy Lobé est né à Douala. Sa carrière démarre en 1984, il sort son premier album, baptisé « Dégager ». Produit par le bassiste Aladji Touré. 
Pendant une décennie ils mettent sur le marché une dizaine d'album dont les titres deviennent les incontournables du makossa, Mon amie à moi, solitude, Konkai makossa, Union libre... Les compositions de Guy 
contribuent aux succès de plusieurs Artistes. La version de Konkai 
makossa de Charlotte Mbango est un énorme succès. A la fin des annéees 
90 Guy produira plusieurs albums dont un magistral album Africa qui le 
lance sur la scène "world" et qui sera co-produit par CMO music. 
CMO music et Guy Lobé produisent une rétrospective, Dix ans vol. 1 et Vol. 2. Il écrira encore pour d'autres Artistes dont la chanteuse ivoirienne TIANE. Dans les années 2000 Guy Lobé devient une légende du makossa et se fait une place dans la sono mondiale en se produisant à travers le monde. Il travaillait ces dernières années à la réalisation de nouveaux titres qui auraient dû le propulser très haut dans la world music mais la vie en a décidé autrement. 
Chouchou ma ebamba !

Technycolor – single Bunker


RAW POWER! original version Swiss punk classic 1979 Another swiss label
re-mastering 2015
Songs from the Neutral zone (New Musical Express, 1979)
Technycolor’s « Bunker » is my favorite. Warshaw-Joy Division in parts, sung in 
native tongue, staining guitars, plenty of charge and change in course 
and a great synthesiser – guitar – voice wrestle towards the end.
TECHNYCOLOR have provocative lyrics and came from the french speaking area of Switzerland.

Their EP is one of the top ’79 singles, in my opinion. It’s crazy when you
hear how varied and « experimental » Punk was when the first wave was
about to abate. Both songs are dark, aggressive punk with French lyrics
and a post-punk touch.

"Bunker" is a lovely post-apocalyptical 
song and"Tot 77", is a total KBD-type hymn. I especially love "Tot 
77" that deals with the death night in high-security prison 
Stuttgart-Stammheim 18. Okt 1977, when top RAF (Red Army Fraction) 
terrorists Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe died in 
their solitary prison cells.
TOT 77
Well, I’m not french speking, but Tot 77 (dead 77) deals with the death night in high-security prison Stuttgart-Stammheim 18. Okt 1977, when top RAF (Red Army Fraction) terrorists Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe committed suicide in their solitary prison cells. Hours before German elite squad GSG9 ended the plane hi-jacking in Mogadishu. The hi-jackers demanded the release of the terrorists. As Raspe heard the news about the failure on the radio he owned, he informed his comrades via the manipulated intercom system in each cell, so they agreed on mutual suicide the same night. Baader and Raspe used guns which have been smuggled inside the prison by their lawyers, Ensslin hung herself with a cable at the crossbar. 
There are two consipracy theories, first claiming that secret service
killed them letting it look like suicide, second that they knew about 
the suicide plans from monitoring the manipulated intercom, but had a 
hands-off approach to get rid of them easily.
“Arbeit macht frei” (work makes free) was the gateway inscription of 
many German concentration camps like in Auschwitz, Dachau, 
Theresienstadt etc.
They connected this Nazi perversion with the breaking up of the 
terrorist organisation singing “Stammheim macht frei” resp. “Helmut 
macht frei” which is clearly dedicated to then German chancellor Helmut Schmidt.
Well, this is one of my all time faves!
wow – this is THE shit ! Just spun this 3 times back to back…Tot 77 has classic written all over it! Cheers
Fuck, this is the nun’s nuts. Really amazing. Best Punk song with a gong ever! Thank you Martin, thank you Erich for hooking a sister up. I dropped my bread cube in the fondue when I heard it. “Bunker” reminds me of Strychnine’s “Lache Moi” the way it keeps winding up, but maybe that’s cause both dudes are singing in French. Luckily there’s a girl here who worked briefly in a French tourist office in 1984. “Tot 77” starts something like, “It’s certainly a little too late to want to talk about all these guys blah blah blah They have all killed themselves … Work will make you free … Nazis, Nazis, etc.,” while 
“Bunker” is about a happy holdout in his pillbox, listening to Wagner 
and Mahler at the bottom of his hole: “2024, I am alone in my bunker Outside, inside, outside, inside — there is no one in my bunker!” This 
fantastic little record reminds me of early Ubu and the Endtables. Yeah,that good. I love that there are still records this great from 1979 I’ve never even heard of. Fuck, what a year!
A total KILLER that I first downloaded while having an Erichtion,
but it took me years to figure out where I downloaded it from til I 
stumbled upon it again over at Erich’s excellent site, and figured out 
it was there I heard it the first time. So much great stuff there, and 
such excellent writing on most of it as well.

So, I don’t know anything about this band at all, but I know that Tot
77 is one of the greatest songs ever! So clever, catchy and full of 
weird ideas. A great mix between straight ahead punk and really cool 
slightly arty stuff, but don’t let that scare you away as I’m pretty 
sure it’s impossible to not understand the greatness of that song. And 
it really is as catchy as the flu.
Bunker is a great song as well, no doubt about it, but I’d pick the 
b-side over that one any given day. The chorus is super catchy, and the band is up there with Those Intinsic Intellectuals when it comes to being just a bit too clever for rock n’ roll.



Cover Bunker et Tot 77 par Faute de frappe. B.O du film Opération Libertad de Nicolas Wadimoff (2012)
Bunker new release
Techycolor LP, Non je ne regrette rien - Static Age/Berlin (2015)
Swiss Punk as its best, remastered by Yellow. 
Pure Killed by Death Punkrock with rare and unreleased recordings!